200% interest every 14days.

We have kept to our promises till date.

Receive double of your card purchase in 14days.


We have paid out 7501.02BTC to our members

Invest and get 200% of your total investment automatically every forthnight.

Withdrawals are instant every 14days. Minimum deposit of 0.05BTC

We have 6 Debit Cards already!

We have developed 6 signified debit cards for our investors. These cards are practically your key to withdrawing from this website. All cards purchased on 25cycle can be used for online purposes specifically on websites that accepts Bitcoin as an option of payment.

How do we make your money?

We intend making an improvement in the way we run our business. With the introduction of many ICOs today, our company invest in coins that can be traded and mined within the global market. Note that our company do not have an ICO of its own yet and we haven't made discussion on that yet rather we invest in the blockchain technology and make more contributions in the Ether community.

How much have been invested with us?

Currently, we have received over $60,000,000 worth of bitcoin in our company and we are still growing. Remember that we are not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme but we provide a better platform for everyone to invest in the Blockchain technology.


Our South African Office is Out!

We have launched an office at South Africa.

We are happy with the progress we are making so far including having a new physical South African office at B28 Bright Towers, Cape Town South Africa. Now investors at South Africa can invest directly from our new office.  We intend providing more offices in more countries as we promised.

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